Son of Vincenzo Paragano and Amoresano Carmela, born in Perdifumo on 25 May 1932, died on 29 March 2016.

Born in Camella, while his father Vincenzo was doing military service, he was held at the baptismal font by his elderly grandfather Nazario.

At the age of 17, he left his native country to move with his father Vincenzo to the United States of America. & nbsp;

With his father in the 1950s, he founded the first construction company for the construction and marketing of residential homes in the city of New Jersey.

On the death of his father “Larry” he takes over the management of the family business with the name of Paragano Building Corporation, which is a very short time acquired great popularity and economic success due to the specialization in the construction of large and complex commercial buildings, large offices public. (Shearson American Express, Equitable Life Insurance Company, General Electric, U.S. Postal Service, Broad National Bank).

In 1983, Nazario transferred the real estate property to his two sons: Vincenzo, a lawyer, who became the legal representative of the family business; Larry Junior, who, after the necessary training, assumes the function of president in 1990. The company specializes in the construction of villages for the elderly with various comfortable services located in pleasant and healthy environments.

Throughout three generations, the Paragano family has had a profound impact on the growth and socio-economic development of New Jersey and the American nation, so much so that it has become the name of Paragano synonymous with quality, efficiency and professionalism.

As President of “Paragano Enterprises Italian” he has been awarded numerous honors:

  • First prize for builder of the year, presented to him by “Metropolitan Home Builders” of New Jersey
  • Gold Medal of the City of New Jersey for the best commercial and rental construction, received by “The Township of Union”.
  • Recognized man of the year by the “Italian-American Foundation”

He has financed many works of social utility, giving his economic contribution to the most important artistic and cultural events in his country. He praised the publication in American at his expense of the sixteenth-century work by Tommaso Forzello, published in Palermo in 1558 entitled “De rebus siculis decadis duae”.

He was president of the “Italian American Heritage Commission” of New Jersey, made up of personalities from the world of culture, science, politics, Italian-American finance, which aims to maintain relations with the Italian community with the mother country and promote Italian culture and tradition abroad, as evidenced by the annual Columbus Day celebrations and the commemoration of the “Colombia” in Genoa, and the 2004 commemoration of the contribution made by American troops to the liberation of Italy in the Second World War.

On July 16, 1988, mindful of his origins, driven by a strong sentiment towards his native place, on his initiative, together with other young local professionals, including Doctor Gargione Francesco, the association “Amici per Camella e Perdifumo ”, with the following purposes:

  • To award scholarships to deserving and destitute young students.
  • Helping the elderly and the needy over the age of 65 in social and health care. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Assist people aged up to 65 to face particular emergency situations.
  • Financially support the Churches of San Nazario Martire di Camella and San Sisto di Perdifumo in their maintenance and parish activities.

he was honorary president of the association and promoted and financed the various activities of the meritorious association with an annual allocation.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the association, which he wanted, on 3 and 4 May 2008, solemn celebrations were held in his presence which saw the participation of a large crowd who, interested, attended the cultural-religious event “Between Heaven and Earth” which saw the presence of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome, directed by Mons. Marco Frisina, director of the Lateran music chapel and composer of international fame.

The President of the Republic, Azeglio Ciampi, on the occasion of the National Day of Christopher Columbus, on the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Gianfranco Fini, on 12 October 2005, for his merits acquired in the social field, for his philanthropy towards Italians abroad and his country of origin, for the promotion of Italian culture and society through events of great artistic-cultural depth, has conferred on Paragano Nazario the honor of Knight of the Order of the Star of the Italian Solidarity.